Junior Secondary History eReading Award Scheme 2022

Category : General
Date : 2022-11-14 (Monday)
Nature : External

Our students actively participated in the Junior Secondary History eReading Award Scheme 2022 with outstanding performance. Five of our students won the Merit Award and both groups of students competed for the ‘Creativity Award’ get the prizes. Many more of us obtained ‘Appreciation Award’ and ‘Certificate of Completion’ too. The students read passages, wrote academic essays and created models to demonstrate their learning process.

The first group of winners, Chau Lo, Wong Ting Hei Phyllis and Chan Hiu Kwan, made a short video of computer animation titled ‘Go back home’. It tells us a story in which a Chinese father worked overseas and unfortunately died, and his son, with the services provided by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, returned father’s bones back to his homeland for burial. The video reflects strong emotional connections of the Chinese people to their homeland and their clans. The video was appreciated by many adjudicators and the creators were invited to present their work and share what they have learnt from the project.

Another group, Chan Cham Hei, Chui Po Yin, Lam Wai Yam and Zhan Yuanxi, created a set of postcards which introduced ten examples of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Hong Kong. Each postcard comes with illustrations and introduction to the selected ICH, which made them practical and worth collecting.

In addition, five of our students, Chan Hok Ching Rex, Chan Hiu Kwan, Chau Lo, Chan Lap Yam and Li Ka Chun, won the Merit Award, a prize only 51 students in Hong Kong won. They studied the passages and wrote an academic essay, under supervision of a History teacher, to make in-depth investigations on specific historical issues. For instance, Chau Lo explained the rise and fall of civilization with the theory of ‘challenges and responses’, and Li Ka Chun explained the brutal behaviour of Nazi soldiers with theories and historical facts. These demonstrated students’ abilities in making historical analysis.

All winners of Merit Award and Creativity Award were presented their prizes at Loke Yew Hall, the University of Hong Kong on 14 November 2022. Dr. Christine Choi, the Secretary of Education, joined the ceremony and visited the booths displaying students’ works. The activity was organized by the Education Bureau and the University of Hong Kong, and about 19,000 students participated in the scheme.


Award-winning works - Go back home



Award-winning works - postcards which introduced ten examples of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Hong Kong


Creativity Award
Chan Hiu Kwan 4AChau Lo 4BWong Ting Hei Phyllis 2DChan Cham Hei 3CChui Po Yin 3ALam Wai Yam 3AZhan Yuanxi 3B
Merit Award
Chan Hok Ching Rex 3DChan Hiu Kwan 4AChau Lo 4BChan Lap Yam 4DLi Ka Chun 4D
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