Time to Talk Public Speaking Competition 2021/22

Category : General
Date : 2023-04-03 (Monday)
Host : Education Bureau
Nature : External
Buddhist Sin Tak College
Junior Seocndary
1st Prize (Team Prize)
Time to Talk Public Speaking Competition 2021/22
Education Bureau
Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future
The topic Kelly Chan Tsz Ling, Ivy Huang Ching Man, Vikki Wong Bo Yi and Cara Wong Chor Ki of 3D chose to talk about was gender inequality. The four girls really wanted to find something they all felt passionate about and they hope that through their speech they can shed more light on the issue of gender inequality.
After deciding on the topic, the team had to think about how to present the message and information effectively. The girls did not want it to be boring; instead, they hoped to make the presentation interesting, relatable and captivating. Therefore, after much planning and deliberation, it was decided that the speech will be like a conversation among friends and music was incorporated to encapsulate the message.
One of the biggest challenges for the girls was not to let the team down. Each girl was responsible for researching and writing their part of the speech. They needed to make sure that the overall speech was coherent and flowed well.
Another challenge was perfecting the performance as a group. During the practice sessions, some of the girls forgot their lines or the timing was not natural. They tried to encourage each other and did not give up until they were satisfied with presenting their best performance.
Overall, the girls are grateful for the experience as the team spent a lot of time and effort to make sure they performed well for not only each of them but for our group. It is the team’s belief that that if you try your best, you will eventually succeed, especially if you have the support of your friends!
Last but not least, special thanks to our adorable NET and coach, Ms Cyndi Chong! 
Junior Seocndary 1st Prize (Team Prize)
3D Kelly Chan Tsz Ling3D Ivy Huang Ching Man3D Vikki Wong Bo Yi3D Cara Wong Chor Ki
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