Introduction to the school's music activities

Our school aims at promoting the intellectual and aesthetic development of students by organizing various music activities. We boost our students' confidence and give them an opportunity to explore their inner potential. Our school has established different kinds of music activities for students, which include Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Western Orchestra and various joint school music function. In addition, our school offers about forty instrumental training classes for students every year.

BSTC Chinese Orchestra

Our Chinese Orchestra has been established for more than twenty-five years. It aims at cultivating our students' appreciation of love for Chinese traditional music as well as propagating the Chinese culture. Most of the members come from the various traditional Chinese instrumental training classes set up by our school PTA music promotion team. It consists of students from Form 1 to Form 7. In these few years, weekly practices are held on Friday with their conductor, Mr. Cheung Wai-fung. Under the leadership of Mr. Cheung, our orchestra has fruitful experience in public performance and got outstanding results in both Hong Kong School Music Festival and LCSD Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows Chinese Orchestra Contest.

BSTC Choir

Our school choir is divided into junior and senior teams, with more than eighty members in total. They have regular voice training every week under the leadership of our school choir conductor Miss Helen Kwok. Within the short period of time after its establishment, it gained remarkable achievements. It won the first three places in the Chinese Section for Girls in Schools Music Festival and Choir Singing Contest organized by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association for nearly ten years. All of choir members are energetic and passionate. They always act as a role to motivate our schoolmates to enjoy singing.

BSTC Western Orchestra

Our school orchestra was formed in 1997. Our mission is to develop students' interest and foster their love of symphonic music. The orchestra members mostly come from F.1 to F.5 students. All talented players gather on every Wednesday after school and make progress on their skills and musical sense with Ms. TY Yam. Throughout the years, the orchestra provides different kinds of performance for our school events.

Our School Chinese Orchestra was invited to perform on the 'Welcome Banquet for the Delegates of WBSC'

Our School Chinese Orchestra members use music to celebrate the birthday of our Permanent Honorary Supervisor, Ven. Kok Kwong

Our Chinese Instrumental Group's annual performance in Saiho-ji.

Joint performance of our School Chinese Orchestra and Choir in the School Promotion Day

Both our students, Wong Ching and Sze Pui Ying have just won in the Music Festival (dizi)! Let's take a photo for them immediately!

Our school choir is participating in the Taiwan Music Exchange Programme!

Our school choir members have a strong sense of belongings.

Our students' participation in the Good Hope Music Camp: Musical Parades.

Student Chan Mei Ling and Hui Long Tin are striving for the best in the final show.

The theme of GHS Music Camp 2009-2010 is Broadway musical singing. Our students learn a lot from there!

Our principal shows up in the final show and gives support to our students!

Mr Mohamed Drissi, the Artistic Director of Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute comes to our school and introduces the musical programme to our students.

The live performance prepared by LCSD and 3AMI

All our students are fascinated by the four guest singers

Our students are attending the musical dance workshop provided by 3AMI. They are going to have a musical show in Tuen Mun Town Hall in July! Come and support them!

Our students are devoting themselves to the group creative work in the music lessons

The BSTC girls are trying to write their music!
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