Committee Members


Guidance Mistress:

Ms. Fung Kin Wai


Deputy Guidance Master:

Ms. Law Hiu Lam (S. 4 Guidance Teacher)


Guidance Teachers:

Ms. Ching Ka Kei (S. 1 Guidance Teacher)

Ms. Chan Heung Mui (S. 2 Guidance Teacher)

Ms. Yu Sik Ching (S.3 Guidance Teacher)

Ms. Law Hiu Lam (S. 4 Guidance Teacher and the Deputy Guidance Mistress)

Mr. Au Siu Wai (S. 5 Guidance Teacher)

Mr. So Hon Hang (S.6 Guidance Teacher)





School Social Worker:         

Mr. Matt Chan, Nicole Yuen



  • To assist students to overcome difficulties in their studies and school life in general and also to provide them with developmental opportunities within the context of a harmonious, open and flourishing campus life;
  • To enable students' healthy growth both mentally and physically and to nurture their capabilities in problem solving;
  • To develop students' potential, leadership and organization skills;
  • To widen students' horizons by encouraging them to contribute to society;
  • To offer counselling services and to accept case referrals.


Year objectives

  1. To enhance students’ self-esteem and a sense of belonging to the school.
  2. To provide individual guidance



Activities held by the Guidance Committee: 

S.1 Guidance Captain Program year-end fun day

S.1 students are having fun with their guidance captains in the hall.

Guidance Captain Training Day

Cajon Workshops for all S.1 and S.2 students.

Flower Art Workshop to help students to manage their stress.

Students had a chance to express themselves through music. 

Participants and their tutors in the Level-Up Mentor Program Prize Presentation Ceremony. 

Healthy School Program: Students were presented a gift and a note of encouragement from their guidance captains. 



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