English Immersion Environment

  • English is our medium of instruction except for Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua, Chinese Literature, Buddhist Studies, Visual Arts, Liberal Studies and Physical Education.
  • Our English immersion environment enables students to extend their English learning experience beyond the classroom. 
  • We encourage students to speak English out of class and talk with the NET and Teachers in English.  
  • We host one to two overseas exchange students every year. The student attends various senior form classes. Schoolmates will be engaged in authentic English communications through daily contacts with the exchange student. 
  • Students use much English in activities such as drama course, drama show and Drama Festival competition, English Speaking Contests and Speech Festival participation. 
  • Students also listen and speak English during morning assemblies, Student Union election campaigns and other official functions. 
  • Several weeks of staying in overseas countries such as the U.S. and Australia for English immersion in summer holidays offers another enjoyable learning experience. 
  • Meeting international exchange students during the AFS Cultural Activity Day provides fun exposure to English. Being the host of the coming Cultural Activity Day will furhter immerse students in intensive use of English. 
  • The 2-week Secondary One School Life Adaptation Week aims at helping students to overcome barries of learning English. 


佛教善德英文中學 Buddhist Sin Tak College
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