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2024-05-30 (Thursday)Science in Lyrics Writing Competition 2024

Science in Lyrics Writing Competition 2024 was organized by the School of Science, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Participants needed to quote their favorite line of lyrics and write a paragraph on a scientific fact hidden in plain sight. Chiu Tin Long of 2D was presented the “Honorable Mention” in the competition.

Honorable Mention
2D Chiu Tin Long
2024-03-16 (Saturday)The 16th Hong Kong Student Technology Competition
2024-01-29 (Monday)60th Schools Dance Festival
2024-01-20 (Saturday)Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award (2023/2024)
2024-01-08 (Monday)My Favorite Teenage Pop Food Advertisement Creation Competition 2023
2023-11-16 (Thursday)Hong Kong Secondary School Health Exhibition Presentation Competition 2023
2023-11-02 (Thursday)2023 Hong Kong Jockey Club Chairman's Scholarship Recipient - Chan Hang Lok
2023-10-28 (Saturday)Champion of the Research Presentation of the 6th Chinese Aerospace Journey by the Shine Tak Foundation
2023-10-22 (Sunday)New Territories Outstanding Students Selection 2023
2023-10-07 (Saturday)Poetry Remake Competition 2022-23
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