Past News

2023-11-09Rope skipping competition
S.1 to S.5 classes joined the rope-skipping competitions organized by the Board of Discipline. The activity aims to foster a sense of belonging of the students. Classes 1A, 2D, 3A, 4A and 5C won the competition.
2023-11-08S.1C students visiting the Hong Kong Palace Museum
With a view to letting students know more about ancient Chinese imperial emperor costumes, the Home Economics Department organized a workshop titled “故宫文化工作坊”from the HK Palace Museum for S.1C students on 8th November, 2023. After the workshop, students knew much more about the symbols and designs of Qing Dynasty Imperial Robes. To make the workshop more fun, students were asked to design a new robe. Students showed great interest in the workshop and enjoyed the visit very much.
2023-10-12Visit to Prince of Wales Hospital
Coordinated by Mr. David Lui and professionals in Prince of Wales Hospital, 8 S5 and S6 students visited the hospital on 12th October. They were impressed by the warm-hearted health professionals, well-organized system of Prince of Wales Hospital and the groundbreaking techniques in the medical field. Students recognized the incredible efficiency of minimal invasive surgery and robotics in Urology. After learning from the professionals of various departments in the hospital, students’ aspiration of serving in the health profession was reinforced. Hopefully they would shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding lives in the near future.
2023-10-06Visit to a Biotechnology Company
Fu Sin Yin of 6D participated in the visit to a biotechnology company, which was organized by the Home Affairs Department. During the visit, he had the opportunity to learn more about biotechnological processes, including the COVID-19 nucleic acid test and other genetic tests. It provided him with valuable insights into the field of biotechnology and its applications in healthcare.
2023-10-01Scout Wild camp
A 2-day-1-night wild camp organized by 15th South Kwai Chung Group was held in Tung Tsz Scout Centre 1 – 2 Oct 2023. Through different outdoor activities including backwood cooking, camp cooking, pioneering and camp fire, scout members had the opportunity to nurture an independent, responsible and confident character. Invaluable friendship ties were built up among the students. Despite the hot weather, teachers and students enjoyed the camp very much and they would like to join another wild camp soon.
2023-09-292023 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a cherished festival in Chinese culture, where everyone comes together to celebrate with joy and excitement. One of the highlights of the festival is the "Lantern Riddles," an activity that brings us together to test our wits and celebrate this traditional Chinese festival. In order to promote traditional Chinese culture and encourage students to learn more about the national affairs like the geographical features, history and achievements in different areas, the MCE Team and the Students' Union candidate, Tidal, organized a Mid-Autumn Festival Guessing Game to celebrate the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Questions were set by teachers from different departments and students received paper lanterns as prizes.
2023-09-23Discover and Enlighten: Mini-Info Day 2023
Annually held by the Careers Committee, the Mini-Info Day summons esteemed BSTC alumni to generously share their valuable experiences and insights with our current students. This event serves as a platform for our S6 students to receive guidance on various university learning environments and cultural aspects, thanks to the strong bond we have fostered with our alumni. With the dedicated efforts of our enthusiastic and supportive Mentorship Committee, this activity has proven to be highly productive. The Careers Team and Mentorship Committee will undoubtedly remain committed to passing on the torch, guiding BSTC students towards a promising future.
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