Tofu – Affection for Our Chinese Heritage

National Security Education——Themed project, Second Term

“Tofu – Affection for Our Chinese Heritage”


This academic year, the National Security Education Group organized a series of activities with the theme "Tofu – Affection for Our Chinese Heritage".  The Visual Arts group collaborated with the community and designed a series of special posters, magnets, and cards for the long-established Kung Wo Beancurd Factory. The Religious Group held a Tofu Vegetarian Lunch on 26th April, introducing the nutritional value of Tofu. The Chinese History group arranged for students to visit the Kung Wo Beancurd Factory where students observed the tofu-making process. The Chinese Literature Department and the School Library organized a book exhibition and a reading circle activity on the theme of "Tofu." These activities allowed students to learn about Chinese Tofu from different perspectives. Additionally, during lunchtime on 29th and 30th April, various subject groups set up entertaining and educational booth games to promote Tofu, an example of the intangible cultural heritage of China, enhancing students' understanding of Chinese culture. 
2024-04-30Library——Themed Book Exhibition
A PowerPoint presentation about Tofu was played in the library.
2024-04-29National Security Education group——Exhibition and booth games
Subjects included Science, Chinese Literature, Mathematics, English and Home Economics ran the booth games. They introduced students to the ingredients, culture, nutritional value, and cutting methods of tofu through various exhibits and booth games.
2024-04-26Vegetarian Lunch
Members of the Chinese History and Literature Club were invited to create a presentation on the theme of "Tofu," which was screened during the vegetarian lunch, introducing the Chinese food culture. Participants were treated to Tofu pudding, a signature dessert for Hongkongers!
2024-04-26Chinese Literature Department —— Reading Circle on Chinese Tofu
Reading and discussion on literary works on the theme of Tofu. Students were enjoying tofu as a snack while immersed in literary reading.
2023-11-01Visual Arts group——Internal design competition: Magnet Design
The magnet designs will be completed by the second semester, and the artworks will also be exhibited in the store of Kung Wo Beancurd Factory.
2023-11-01Visual Arts group——Design exhibition:Tofu Postcards
The postcards have been completed and are now displayed at the school's ART DARE area near the hall. Additionally, in collaboration with Kung Wo Beancurd Factory, the artworks will also be exhibited outside their store in Sham Shui Po.
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