‘Touching the Intangible Cultural Heritage’ Radio drama production: ‘Inheritance of herbal tea shop, preservation of herbal tea culture’ 《兩代。傳承。涼茶鋪》

2023-03-10 (Friday)
Category : Education Programmes

Our Form three students, Bai Wing Yu, Chan Cham Hei, Lo Tsz Ying and Zhan Yuanxi, created a radio drama about herbal tea, an item of Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage, under the supervision of history teaching during March to May in 2022.

They introduced the culture of herbal tea through telling the listeners a story of conflict between a father and a son’s debate on the inheritance of a herbal tea shop, along with the discussions of the challenges and opportunities of preservation of traditional culture. Their work received positive feedback from the judges and they were invited to the Metro Radio to record their work for broadcasting on 1 Sept 2022. The play was aired on the Metro Radio on 24 Jan 2023. You may listen to the radio drama through this link (Cantonese only): http://www.metroradio.com.hk/997/Archive/wmpopup_archive2.asp?https://arch.metroradio.hk/997/20230124/997_202301241700.mp3 (Start from 08:10)

 ‘Inheritance of herbal tea shop, preservation of herbal tea culture’ also got the prize of the ‘Most Recommended Radio Drama” (最推薦電台講演作品). Detailed prize list (in Chinese only): http://hkccda.org/2023/02/17/radioproduction/

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