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2024-01-08 (Monday)My Favorite Teenage Pop Food Advertisement Creation Competition 2023
Host : Hong Kong Youth Association

Five Form Four students of our school, namely Yip Ho Yin (4D), Kwong Nga Yan (4D), Chan Hok Ching (4D), Tang Hei Yiu (4B), and Weng Man Yan (4D), recently participated in the "Know Writing, Know Food" Chinese multimedia creation program. This program, organized by the Hong Kong Youth Association, was known as the "My Favorite Teenage Pop Food Advertisement Creation Competition 2023."


During the finals of the competition, our talented students showcased their creativity by selecting "coffee" as their theme. They skillfully combined writing, youth pop culture, and multimedia applications to produce an engaging video that introduced the popular food culture among Hong Kong teenagers. Their exceptional presentation skills and ability to respond promptly to inquiries impressed the judges, winning them the championship.


Throughout the preparation process, our students demonstrated a remarkable level of self directed learning, taking ownership of their project and displaying their dedication to the task at hand. As a token of encouragement, the organizers awarded the participating students HKD 5,000 in book coupons.


We would like to extend our congratulations to Yip Ho Yin, Kwong Nga Yan, Chan Hok Ching, Tang Hei Yiu, and Weng Man Yan for their outstanding achievement in this competition.

4D Yip Ho Yin4D Kwong Nga Yan4D Chan Hok Ching4B Tang Hei Yiu4D Weng Man Yan
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