Board of Discipline

The Board of Discipline aims at

(1)ensuring a conducive environment for students to learn;

(2)exploring and extending students’ potentials;

(3)looking after students in need continuously with a whole-school approach so that they will      speak cautiously, act reasonably and respect themselves and others (謹言慎行 自重重人)


With these aims in mind, we our team will discharge duties on a daily basis from checking school uniforms, school campus patrolling to disseminating important information to students, parents and teachers for their safety. We also work with government departments and non-governmental organizations to cater to the well-being of students.


Besides, we hold a range of activities from rope skipping competition, Shaolin Wushu (少林武術),Mountaineering (山毅達人), Lion Dance Team (醒獅隊) and Commendation Scheme for outstanding students.


Most importantly, we stress the importance of cooperating with stakeholders, including parents, social workers, the school guidance team, teachers concerned and Education Bureau to decide on the best ways to look after students.


Members of the Board of Discipline (2021 - 2022)

Discipline Master

Mr. HL Ma

Discipline Mistress

Miss HM Wong

Deputy Discipline Master

Mr. TL Pang

S1 Discipline Teacher

Miss YT Chan   Miss HM Wong

S2 Discipline Teacher

Mr. TL Pang

S3 Discipline Teacher

Miss CM Lee

S4 Discipline Teacher

Miss TC Cheung   Mr. HL Ma  

S5 Discipline Teacher

Mr. TW Wong

S6 Discipline Teacher

Miss WY Ng



S1 students Shaolin Wushu demonstration


 Look! S1 students concentrate and try their best…


Rope skipping competition


Class teacher having fun with students


Lion Dance on Lunar New Year Celebration Day


How serious students are in their performance…




 We have reached our goal.

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