Home Economics is one of the subjects in the Technology Education Key Learning Area (TE KLA) at junior secondary level. It comprises major areas of study on food, clothing, home and family which intertwine with the six knowledge contexts proposed in the Technology Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide.

Home Economics promotes the well-being of individuals, families and societies through the study of the provision of basic human requirements for food, clothing and effective resources management. The curriculum will provide students with opportunities to understand basic human necessities and to study the well-being of individuals, families and societies, building up their awareness of the various dimensions affecting well-being.



The aims of the subjects are to enable students to:

  • be responsible citizens and informed consumers willing to contribute to the well-being of individuals, families and society in terms of meeting basic human needs
  • investigate the cultural, physical, chemical, nutritional, biological and sensory characteristics of food, and how these properties are exploited in designing and producing food products to meet specified criteria
  • understand the nature of fashion design, the characteristics of fibres and fabrics; the construction, production of clothing and textile products
  • develop an aesthetic sense and creativity through the design and production processes of textile products


Subject Teacher

Ms. MC Tsang



Worksheets; Class/group projects; Cooking lessons; Needlework course work and Quizzes

Bonus marks will be given to students with good performance and attitude in lessons.


Subject Resources

Food Pyramid hk (

Ask the Dietitian (

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