Extra-curricular Activities Committee

Extra-curricular activities foster unity among students, give them a chance to enhance skills and gain vital experiences / qualities that cannot be developed in classrooms and academic activities.

Our objectives:

  • To organize for students programmes with new insights in order to gear towards the development of their generic skill.
  • To encourage active participation and have all-round development for our students.
  • To organize activities to cater for students' varied needs, abilities and interest.
  • To create an environment for students to explore and develop their potential in different fields.
  • To promote friendship among the students and foster in them a positive attitude towards life.
  • To enhance mutual understanding between teachers and students.
  • To cultivate in students a sense of belonging to the school.


Our groups:

  • Students' Union
  • Four Houses : Chi House, Lai House, Yan House, Shun House
  • Clubs


  • Sin Tak’s SUM Scheme
  • Leadership Training Programmes
  • Class Building


  • School Picnic Day
  • Inter-house, inter-class competitions
  • Lunar New Year Celebration Day
  • Old Books Sales
  • Visits to theme parks
  • Post-exam activities


ECA Committee Members:

Ms. Cheung Wai Sim (ECA Mistress)

Mr. Man Ka Ho (Deputy ECA Master)

Mr. Chan Tin Nok

Mr. Hui Kin Chung 

Ms. Lau Pui Kan

Ms. Lim Ching Fung

Ms. Ng Yim Sheung

Mr. Pang Tun Lam


Activities held:

Students' Union Election Campaign
Students 'Union Election Campaign
Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland
Old Books Sales
Inter-class Football Competition
Aeroplane Chess
Paper Plane Competition
Chinese Dumpling Making
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