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2022-12-29 (Thursday)Junior Secodnary History e-Reading Award Scheme-2022

The Junior Secodnary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2022 was co-organised by the Education Bureau and the University of Hong Kong, with about 19000 local students enrolled in the scheme.

Our team of three S3 students created an animation documenting the return of the ashses of Chinese labourers who worked and died overseas thanks to the voluntary service of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The journey of the ashses embodies the emotiional attachment to one’s homeland, a core value fo the Chinese people. The student team was invited by the EDB to explain their rationale of design and creation at the prize giving ceremony.


Award-winning works - Going Home

Creatvity Awards
Chan Hiu Kwan 4AChau Lo 4BWong Ting Hei Phyllis 2D
2022-11-14 (Monday)Junior Secondary History eReading Award Scheme 2022
2022-10-11 (Tuesday)“Disaster Preparedness X Nature Education – Secondary School Programme on Disaster Resilience” - “Disaster Resilience Infographics Design Competition”
2022-09-08 (Thursday)"Water Wise Ambassador Scheme" by The University of Hong Kong.
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