Speak Out- Act Up Improvised Drama Competition 2017-2018
日期: 2018-03-20 至 2019-03-20
活動類別: Education Programmes
On 15th March, 2018, our Improvised Drama Team (2D Rosalyn Tso, 2D Crystal Cheng, 3B Andy Hau, 3D Nicole Chiu, 4A Billy Lai, 4C Sarah Ng) took part in the ‘Speak Out- Act Up’ Improvised Drama Competition at Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre against 10 competing schools. Our team was presented with a Merit Award for their performance of “20 Years Hong Kong: The Law”, moreover, 3B Andy Hau was awarded with ‘Act Up! Star Award’ for best acting. The team thoroughly enjoyed watching the performances of other schools and had fun performing in front of a welcoming audience.

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