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2024-07-01Boy Scout members participated in the flag-raising ceremony at the Bauhinia Square
Ten S.3-S.5 Boy Scout members from our school participated in the flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China at the Bauhinia Square. Prior to the flag-raising ceremony, the Chief Executive, Mr. John K.C. Li, approached each uniformed group to show his respect and receive salutes from each of them.
2024-06-27"Digi-Science” Video Production Competition for Hong Kong Secondary Schools 2023-24

"Digi-Science” Video Production Competition for Hong Kong Secondary Schools 2023-24 was organized by the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education. This year, students were required to make a science video and write an investigation report about “Testing Science – Sustainability in Daily Life”. Our students made a video named “Preliminary methods to categorizing plastic bottles for recycling in school" and got the merit prize in the aforementioned competition.

2024-06-27Excellent results in the Microsoft Office Specialist Championship 2024

Congratulations to 5D Lam Tak Shing, Chin Ka Wang, Kwok Chun Hei, Luo Tsz Fung, 5B Yu Kin Leung and 4C Chan Cham Hei for achieving excellent results in the Microsoft Office Specialist Championship 2024. Winner's certificates were presented by the Certiport management team in the award ceremony. The Microsoft Office Specialist Championship, organised by Certiport, Inc., is a global competition that tests students' skills on Microsoft Office software. You are welcome to explore more by visiting the official webpage at



Lam Tak Shing         Excel 2019      Gold

Chin Ka Wang          Excel 2019       Gold

Kwok Chun Hei        Excel 365         Gold

Luo Tsz Fung            Excel 365        Gold

Chan Cham Hei       PPT 2019         Silver      

Yu Kin Leung           Word 2019      Bronze

2024-06-26STEAM Exhibition
S1 and S2 students joined a STEAM exhibition on 26th June, 2024. S2 students designed "smart products" for target groups, utilizing design thinking skills and coding skills they had learned in STEAM lessons. It provided a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and interactive learning across the grade levels.
2024-04-25S.4 Students Visiting the Court of Final Appeal (Organized by the Citizenship and Social Development Department)
On 25th April 2024, S.4B Students joined the Court of Final Appeal guided visit. Founded in 1912, the building has a long history and is now a declared monument. During the tour, students had the opportunity to learn the history and operation of the Court of Final Appeal, and enhance their understanding of the architectural heritage of the building. The tour encourages students to establish positive values like “rule of law”, “Law-abidingness” and “national identity” and proper attitudes.
2024-04-13S3-S5 students visiting the HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
A group of our S3-S5 students had the opportunity to visit the renowned HKU Medical School on April 13, 2024. This visit aimed to provide our students with an enriching experience in the field of medicine. The highlight of the visit was the virtual reality (VR) anatomy tour held at the Medical Library. Our students were able to step into the world of three-dimensional visualization and gain a deeper understanding of the structures and physiological functions of the human body. Additionally, our students had the privilege of visiting the Nursing department, where they were exposed to a high-fidelity human patient simulation. Led by expert instructors, this hands-on experience provided our students with an opportunity to witness and participate in procedures such as stitches removal and injection. This practical encounter allowed our students to appreciate the critical aspects of patient care and medical treatments. Furthermore, the visit included an admissions information session and Q&A session facilitated by Professor Pui Hong Chung. Professor Chung shared valuable insights about the admission process, curriculum, and various career opportunities available at the Medical School. This visit has ignited students’ passion for studying medical-related studies and equipped them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their future academic pursuits.
2024-03-27Scout Wild Camp
To support sustainable development, the MCE Team and the Volunteer Service Team organized an activity called GREEN @ SINTAK, encouraging students to recycle three types of products, including plastic bottles, beverage cartons, and other plastics. The promotion of the activity was planned and implemented by the Students’ Union, Tidal. All Form 2 classes assisted their schoolmates in doing the recycling work. Enthusiastic responses from teachers and students were received and 31.3 kg of recyclable materials were collected in 8 days. The recyclable materials were brought to the recycling store nearby by our Form 2 students after school.
2024-03-05Workshop on Information Literacy organized by the MCE Team
Form one to Form five students joined a workshop on Information Literacy to raise their awareness on using information ethically as well as refrain from immoral practices such as cyber bullying and infringing intellectual property rights. Students watched a show on the use of the Internet and discussed the consequences of actions taken by netizens and the media. Students learned that information they shared with others could be targeted by cyber-bullies naming and shaming individuals in the name of internet justice. Therefore everyone has to think twice before joining a heated discussion as it might bring negative impacts on one’s social image and reputation
2024-03-04Flying high with your dreams
S6 students would experience their first public examS in life in mid March. To show our support to S6 students, MCE Team organized a campaign named "Flying high with your dream". S1 to S5 students wrote messages to show support to their fellow schoolmates. S6 students threw paper planes carrying their good wishes and encouragement for their schoolmates, symbolising their aspirations for success in their DSE exams.
2024-03-01Mainland Study Tour to Guangzhou Experiential School of Labor and Technology for Secondary School Students by Citizenship and Social Development Department
120 Form Five students joined a mainland study tour to Guangzhou Experiential School of Labor and Technology for Secondary School Students organized by the Education Bureau. As an activity based in Guangzhou for students' comprehensive practice, the school provides experiential learning programmes in a number of areas including technology, life safety, the rule of law and the environment. Students also had an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture by making batik and Chinese herbal sachets, together with brewing and serving techniques of Chinese tea. The study tour provides students with the learning opportunity to deepen their understanding of the latest situation and development of the country, and enhance their knowledge and appreciation of Chinese culture and national achievements.
2024-02-29Boy Scout oath-taking ceremony
Ten S.1 boys have taken their oath to join the Scout Section of the 15th South Kwai Chung Group. The ceremony was supervised by Principal Chan and Mr. CK Chan, Deputy District Commissioner of the South Kwai Chung District. Our new members have pledged to uphold the Scout Laws, fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities, and assist others. Current members also showcased how the spirit of the Scout Laws can be applied in everyday life through a short drama and a Scout song. Additionally, newly appointed senior patrol leaders, patrol leaders, and assistant patrol leaders have received their appointments. The 15th South Kwai Chung Group will participate in the Scout Cup 2023. Principal Chan presented our Scout flag to our competitors, encouraging them to give their best effort and wishing them all the best.
2024-02-26S2 students visiting the Hong Kong Space Museum
S2 students visited the Hong Kong Space Museum on 26th February, 2024. They visited exhibition halls to explore astronomy and space science. They also watched "Secrets of the Universe 3D" to learn more about the origin of the universe. They expanded their knowledge and understanding of astronomy in an engaging way at the museum.
2024-02-03Visit of Lamma Power Station
Wu Ming Sum of 3B joined an activity organized by the HK Electric, which aimed to raise awareness of environmental protection. He visited Lamma Power Station to learn more about sustainable energy sources. He also visited a shop related to fashion reuse, and attended a workshop of turning old clothes into bags, which promoted sustainable fashion practices. These experiences helped him promote environmentally friendly messages to his classmates.
2024-02-03Prefect Team Leadership Training 2023-2024
Organized on 3 February 2024, the training session aims to help school prefects understand themselves and their team members. Through a series of group games and interactive drama shows, , the newly appointed school prefects can have their confidence boosted, sense of identity strengthened and skills in discharging daily duties cultivated so that they will be more certain of their role when serving the school.
2024-02-02School Famine by World Vision organized by MCE Team & Student Union, Tidal
Uneven food distribution has always been a global concern. In order to raise students\' awareness of the global food shortage problem, the MCE team and the Student Union, Tidal organized the "Rich and Poor Banquet" activity. A lavish meal was arranged for only few people, while a very simple lunch was given to the vast majority. Students get a taste of hunger and poverty and to experience the true inequality of food situation in the world, thus establishing a correct attitude towards cherishing food.
2024-01-31Form 4 students visiting the Hong Kong Palace Museum(organized by the CS Department)
Chinese porcelain was not only widely used in ancient palaces, but also one of the main trade goods in the past. Chinese porcelain was exported to Asia, the Islamic cultural circle, and European countries. Its symbolic significance to China is as famous as silk. Form 4 students earlier participated in an exquisite ceramics workshop. The workshop was inspired by the treasures of the Palace Museum. After learning the history of Chinese painted ceramics, students learnt the techniques of making painted ceramics and how to hand-paint small cups with lines and glazes. After completing the hand-painting, students’ work was heated in the kiln and they would collect the finished product later. After completing the workshop, students were divided into groups to visit different exhibitions in the museum. For example Stories Untold — Figure Paintings of the Ming Dynasty from the Palace Museum, Entering the Forbidden City: Architecture, Collection, and Heritage and All Things in the Forbidden City, as well as the quest for originality: contemporary design and traditional craft in dialogue. Students can learn about our country’s history in different eras and experience the impact of traditional craftsmanship on contemporary design concepts and cultural life.
2024-01-25Web 3 Mainland Incubation Industry Chain Exchange Group
Recommended by Mr Ho Tak Sum, our school manager, 2D students joined a joint-school trip "Web3 Mainland Incubation Industry Chain Exchange Group" from January 25th to 27th, 2024, funded by "Hong Kong Youth Synergy ". Together with over 200 students from four other Buddhist secondary schools, students visited high-tech industries in the mainland and had exchanges with related researchers. During the three-day trip, our students visited places such as Zhongshan Museum, iFlytek Corporation Limited, GAC Technology Museum, and Nansha Port. They were also invited by the United Front Work Department of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, to participate in a seminar organized by the Guangdong Provincial Communist Youth League Committee. This allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of the independent and self-reliant development of various industry chains in Mainland China, and to deepen their knowledge of the Greater Bay Area and their sense of mission in contributing to the motherland.
2023-12-10Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme (10/12/2023- 16/12/2023)
Our distinguished student, Tse Wai Chun, recently participated in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme, a prestigious cultural exchange initiative that fosters understanding and friendship between Japan and the youths of East Asia. In seven captivating days, he immersed himself in Japan's rich heritage and experienced genuine hospitality and kindness from the locals. Through workshops, lectures, and visits to historical sites, Tse Wai Chun greatly expanded his knowledge and appreciation for Japan's cultural identity. Staying with host families and engaging in school exchanges enabled Tse Wai Chun to engage in meaningful dialogue with individuals from diverse backgrounds, leaving him with cherished memories and invaluable insights. This transformative journey has contributed to Tse Wai Chun's personal development, equipping him with a broader, more inclusive worldview. We believe that his experiences will inspire other students to embrace cross-cultural exchanges and pursue personal growth beyond the classroom.
2023-11-09Rope skipping competition
S.1 to S.5 classes joined the rope-skipping competitions organized by the Board of Discipline. The activity aims to foster a sense of belonging of the students. Classes 1A, 2D, 3A, 4A and 5C won the competition.
2023-11-08S.1C students visiting the Hong Kong Palace Museum
With a view to letting students know more about ancient Chinese imperial emperor costumes, the Home Economics Department organized a workshop titled “故宫文化工作坊”from the HK Palace Museum for S.1C students on 8th November, 2023. After the workshop, students knew much more about the symbols and designs of Qing Dynasty Imperial Robes. To make the workshop more fun, students were asked to design a new robe. Students showed great interest in the workshop and enjoyed the visit very much.
2023-10-12Visit to Prince of Wales Hospital
Coordinated by Mr. David Lui and professionals in Prince of Wales Hospital, 8 S5 and S6 students visited the hospital on 12th October. They were impressed by the warm-hearted health professionals, well-organized system of Prince of Wales Hospital and the groundbreaking techniques in the medical field. Students recognized the incredible efficiency of minimal invasive surgery and robotics in Urology. After learning from the professionals of various departments in the hospital, students’ aspiration of serving in the health profession was reinforced. Hopefully they would shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding lives in the near future.
2023-10-06Visit to a Biotechnology Company
Fu Sin Yin of 6D participated in the visit to a biotechnology company, which was organized by the Home Affairs Department. During the visit, he had the opportunity to learn more about biotechnological processes, including the COVID-19 nucleic acid test and other genetic tests. It provided him with valuable insights into the field of biotechnology and its applications in healthcare.
2023-10-01Scout Wild camp
A 2-day-1-night wild camp organized by 15th South Kwai Chung Group was held in Tung Tsz Scout Centre 1 – 2 Oct 2023. Through different outdoor activities including backwood cooking, camp cooking, pioneering and camp fire, scout members had the opportunity to nurture an independent, responsible and confident character. Invaluable friendship ties were built up among the students. Despite the hot weather, teachers and students enjoyed the camp very much and they would like to join another wild camp soon.
2023-09-292023 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a cherished festival in Chinese culture, where everyone comes together to celebrate with joy and excitement. One of the highlights of the festival is the "Lantern Riddles," an activity that brings us together to test our wits and celebrate this traditional Chinese festival. In order to promote traditional Chinese culture and encourage students to learn more about the national affairs like the geographical features, history and achievements in different areas, the MCE Team and the Students' Union candidate, Tidal, organized a Mid-Autumn Festival Guessing Game to celebrate the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Questions were set by teachers from different departments and students received paper lanterns as prizes.
2023-09-23Discover and Enlighten: Mini-Info Day 2023
Annually held by the Careers Committee, the Mini-Info Day summons esteemed BSTC alumni to generously share their valuable experiences and insights with our current students. This event serves as a platform for our S6 students to receive guidance on various university learning environments and cultural aspects, thanks to the strong bond we have fostered with our alumni. With the dedicated efforts of our enthusiastic and supportive Mentorship Committee, this activity has proven to be highly productive. The Careers Team and Mentorship Committee will undoubtedly remain committed to passing on the torch, guiding BSTC students towards a promising future.
2023-09-21Shaolin martial arts demonstration and training for S.1 students
In order to cultivate self-discipline and a sense of belonging in S.1 students and promote Chinese traditional culture, the Board of Discipline invited 2 martial art masters from GREAT CHINA Shaolin Culture (大中華少林武學) to hold a hall assembly where our S.1 students had a rewarding and enjoyable encounter with Chinese martial arts.
2023-09-16Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) eLearn Award Scheme 2023
UNICEF HK organizes the SDGs eLearn Award Scheme. Through an eLearn platform and self-directed learning, the Scheme allows students to take online lessons on different SDGs and commit practical steps in daily life in support of sustainable development of local community and the world. Chan Cham Hei of 4C got Gold Certificate in the SDGs eLearn Award Scheme 2023. Congratulations!
2023-09-07Discipline Talk by Sergeant Wong, the Police Community Relations Officer
Sergeant Wong, the Police Community Relations Officer, delivered a speech to S.1-S.6 students about National Security Law and juvenile delinquency.
2023-08-23Workshop on Health Exhibition Presentation Competition
Five students joined the Workshop on Health Exhibition Presentation Competition. They attended a lecture presented by professors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They had the opportunity to engage in consultations with professors, discussing their ongoing projects and seeking opinions. Additionally, the experience session provided a hands-on learning opportunity of clinical skills. This workshop enhanced their understanding of the field of healthcare.
2023-08-16Visiting The Prince Philip Dental Hospital
Our students had a remarkable learning experience at The Prince Philip Dental Hospital, exploring the Bachelor of Dental Surgery program of the University of Hong Kong and visiting the related facilities. Through interactions with professors and students, they gained valuable insights into the curriculum, clinical training, and research opportunities.
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