l   To assist students to overcome difficulties in their studies and school life in general and also to provide them with developmental opportunities within the context of a harmonious, open and flourishing campus life;

l To enhance family and school cooperation to support students' adolescence needs;

l  To enable students' healthy growth both mentally and physically and to nurture their capabilities in problem solving;

l To establish a school-based guidance framework, and to increase teachers' knowledge and skills in counselling work;

lTo cater for the special needs of individual students;

l  To develop students' potential, leadership and organization skills;

l To widen students' horizons by encouraging them to contribute to society;

l To offer counselling services and to accept case referrals.

Year Objectives

l  To cultivate among students a sense of social emotional well-being by developing their positive values and attitudes.

l  To widen student's knowledge and understanding of their community and enhance their care towards it.

l To develop S.4 and S.6 student's potential, leadership and organization skills.


Activities organized in the past:

S.5 Farewell Assembly

S.4 Goal Setting Workshop

Alumni Sharing Hall Assembly

Shao Lin Cultural Centre Day Camp

Field Trip with Hong Kong Engineer Society

Exchange program with South Asian Youth

Talk held by the Department of Health

'Make and Share' Bakery Class

'Make and Share' Bakery Class

War Game Day in Tuen Mun

Workshop held by the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation(@])

S.1 Orientation Lunch Gathering

Peer Mentorship Program: S.1 Mooncake Party

Saturday Game Day for peer mentors and mentees


Committee Members
Acting Guidance Mistress: Ms. Fung Kin Wai
Deputy Guidance Mistress: Ms Ng On Sai
Guidance Teachers: Ms Lau Choi Ha
  Mr. Pang Shing Wai
  Ms. Shum Fong
  Ms. Wan Chui Ha
School Social Worker: Miss Leung Mei Ting