Ho Moon Tim



Primary school:

St. John the Baptist school

Secondary school:

St. Paul's Co-educational College


Evening part-time courses:


Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Laboratory technician course



Chinese University: Bachelor of Arts

( Major: Chinese and English)

  Principal's Words


Hong Kong University: Postgraduate certificate of education (major: Chinese & English)




Hong Kong Baptist University: Master of Arts (major: Language studies)


Hong Kong University: Master of Education ( major: Education Administration and Management )



Hong Kong Chinese University: Principalship course


Subjects taught:

Chinese, English, Mathematics, Social studies, civic education, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science, Chinese Language & Culture



Career path:





Maryknoll Secondary School--Laboratory technician




Maryknoll Secondary School-graduated teacher: Chinese panel head, Prefect of Studies, Vice-Principal



Family information:

Married, has two daughters




Chinese chess, reading, watching football matches, listening to music, singing karaoke



Most favourite food:

green apples, Perrier, Japanese pears



Persons that I am most grateful to:

parents, teachers and wife




"Perseverance and patience are the key factors to succeed."



Most unforgettable experience:

Through the guidance and help from my primary school teachers, I was able to study in St. Paul's Co-educational College after P6.



Feeling of being appointed the Principal of BSTC:

I am most honoured to be appointed the Principal, I will work hard to create a caring community for learning, so that students will grow up healthily and happily in the school environment.



Expectations from students of BSTC:

They will have all-round developments in all respects, be able to take up commitments and know how to care for others.