Career education has four broad objectives:

i) Self awareness
Help students understand their own abilities, interests, aptitudes, personalities and values. What kinds of people do they want to become?

ii) Opportunity awareness
Help students understand the society they are living in. How is it structured? What kinds of opportunities are there? What are the demands?. What kinds of roles are there and how can fulfillment be achieved?

iii) Decision making
Help students acquire the skills of decision-making, which will help pupils relate themselves to the world of opportunities. This includes exploring different decision-making styles and learning how to generate alternatives, how to collect and process information, and how to balance the desirability of particular options against the probability of achieving them.

iv) Transition learning
Help students implement the decisions they have made to help them to prepare for cope with the transitional periods between the different stages of study and/or work life.



The Career Teacher Team

Career Master

Mr. Yung Kai Mau



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Career Teacher of S.6 and S.7

Miss Mok Mei Yung



Career Teacher of S.1 to S.3

Miss Cheung Miu Kuen



Career Teacher of S.4 and S.5

Mr. Chang Kwok Kei



Career Teacher of all form

Miss Yu Ka Man