How do we help our S.1 students to adapt to secondary school life?     

?           Prospective S.1 students attend the Secondary School Life Adaptation Programme during summer holidays to learn various skills such as language acquisition, problem-solving, study skills, self-management, and communication and familiarise themselves with the new environment and school life.  The programme is delivered in the form of workshops, talks, peer-guidance and games. The course is well received by students and parents. To extend the skills acquired in the course, some elements taught in the programme such as note-taking skills, effective ways of learning English have been incorporated into the S1 curriculum More...

?           The Big Brothers and Big Sisters Programme provides guidance for school life and study.

?           Secondary One has smaller language classes to give each student more individual attention and to cater for the needs of mixed ability students.

?           Saturday Classes are organised to help students in. need to adapt to learning in English medium.

?                After-school homework sessions provide timely help to needy students in catching up with school work.



?           所有預備入讀本校的中一學生必須參加由七月下旬至八月上旬舉行的中學生活適應課程。學生透過講課及遊戲提升學習英文能力及技巧、解決問題的能力、自我管理能力及溝通技巧等。 更多...

?           本校的「大哥哥大姐姐」計劃為中一學生就學校生活及學習問題提供輔導。

?           本校中一中、英語文科均採用小班教學,讓每個學生得到更充份照顧,也可以更有效處理個別差異問題。

?           每逢週末學校會安排輔導班協助有需要的同學適應用英語學習。

?           放學後的功課指導班協助同學完成每日的功課。