Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit 63

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The Red Cross Youth unit 63 is one of the successful uniform groups in Buddhist Sin Tak College. It was established in 1974, the second year after the founding of our school. And there accumulated 700 Sin Tak old boys and girls who were our members over the past 35 years. The number of members has been around 90 in the last few academic years. This year, due to students' enthusiasm, we have 86 members this year. Our unit has a steady and balanced development in different domains such as first aid and nusring training, community service, leadership training and open competitions.

Organization and Structure

Under the structure of Youth Unit of Hong Kong Red Cross, eight positions are offered to our student committee members, namely, one Head Section Leader, three Section Leaders and five Assistance Sector Leader. In order to cater for a steady and systematic leadership training for our junior members, we invite F.2, F.3 and F.4 students to take up some key posts as we firmly believe that junior members can train themselves when they take part in different activities and assume more challenging duties.

Activities and Training

With a view to providing an informal education to our students, we offer different types of activities and training. Through achieving the five main principles of Red Cross Youth Campaigns, our members have different experiences in self development, learn to co-operate with others and respond to the difficulties they meet. We have regular training like drills, first aid, nursing, rescuing, knotting and skills in service. To enhance the bonds among members, we offer some friendship functions likes first aid training camp, wild camp, orientation party and farewell party. Our members have different roles in specific events. They learn through participation, and can pursue a higher achievement in their Red Cross life.

Advisors 2015-2016

Mr S.W. Au

Ms P.K. Lau

Ms C.H. Wan

Ms Y.L. Ho

Mr. Lai Tak Pong (alumnus)

Mr. Ho Ting Hong (alumnus)

Mr. Lau Hong Ming (alumnus)

Mr. Cheng King Man (alumnus)

Ms. Wong Kwai Lin (alumnus)

Ms. Ho Wui Sum (alumnus)


Committee 2015-2016

Head Section Leader   Law Hei Yee (4B)

Section Leader   Cheung Ka Tung (4D)

                          Li Tan Yi (3C)

                          Leung Wai Lam (3D)

                          Ho Tsz Shan (4B)

                          Leung Ho Wai (4D)

                          Cheng Ching Yin (4A)

                          Ng Chai Ching (3C)

Assistant Section Leader   Ku Yuen Kiu (2A)

                                        Cheng Mei Chun (2D)

                                         Leung Yuen Wan (2C)


Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit 63 Awards List(Last updated:24/2/2011)