Introduction of Four Houses


There are FOUR houses, namely CHI, LAI, YAN and SHUN in our school.

Students’ sense of belonging was enhanced through their participation in various kinds of interhouse activities.


1. Interhouse Quiz Competition 2. Marching in of House Captains during the opening ceremony on Sports Day
3. Chi House_1 4. Chi House_2
5. Lai House_1 6. Lai house_2
7. Yan house_1 8. Yan house_2
9. Shun house_1 10.Shun house_2
陸運會四社啦啦隊比賽練習1 陸運會四社啦啦隊比賽練習2
陸運會四社啦啦隊比賽練習3 陸運會四社啦啦隊比賽練習4