Computer Club

Computer club is one of the popular extra-activities groups in BSTC. It aims to provide opportunities for students to gain ICT skills and explore more IT related issues in their school life. In the past few years, club members won many IT awards in Hong Kong and USA as well.

Former chairpersons

Academic Year Chairperson
2021-2022 Chan Cham Hei
2020-2021 Chan Chak Fung
2019-2020 Chan Chak Fung
2018-2019 Chan Chak Fung
2017-2018 Tang Pok Lam
2016-2017 Tang Pok Lam
2015-2016 Tang Pok Lam
2014-2015 Lau Tsun Long
2013-2014 Chan Sin To
2012-2013 Shimizu Itsuo
2011-2012 Li Chi Hung
2010-2011 Yeung Cheuk Man

Our best awards in the past decade

The champion in Computer App Programming (CAP2017) : Tang Pok Lam

The first place in 2017 MOS World Championship - PowerPoint 2013 : Yip Pak Ming (more detail)

The first place in 2018 MOS World Championship - Excel 2013 : Yip Pak Ming (more detail)

The second place in 2019 MOS World Championship - Word 2013 : Yip Pak Ming

Memorable pictures


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