The Speech and Debating Society aims at improving the language proficiency among our schoolmates.  Through various courses, competitions, games and activities, participants can learn how to use their mother tongue effectively to express their ideas as well as to communicate with others effectively with their mother tongue.

Besides, our target is to boost students’ confidence in public speaking, which is a prerequisite for a successful leader.  Also, critical and logical thinking can be improved through debates. 

To conclude, the Speech and Debating Society works for the provision of opportunities for our schoolmates to develope an array of useful skills for work and study, and at the same time to appreciate the power and beauty of the Chinese language.


  1. SCOLAR Debating Competition for Junior Secondary Students(語常會初中辯論比賽)
  2. Standard Cantonese Pronunciation Contest(粵語正音比賽)
  3. Speech Competition (Individual & Inter-Class)
  4. Joint school debating contest
  5. Debate Training Course
  6. Angling cuttlefish

Club Advisor

Ms. HM Wong , Ms. SK Wai

佛教善德英文中學 Buddhist Sin Tak College
地址: 新界葵涌興盛路5號
Address: 5 Hing Shing Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., HK
電話(Tel): 24212580
傳真(Fax): 24940104
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