The 15th South Kwai Chung Group was established in 1974. It has been 49 years since then.

The aim of the Scout Section is to encourage the spiritual, mental and physical development of the eleven to sixteen year olds as an integral part of an overall plan of continuous training throughout the age ranges of the Movement.

The method
We provide an enjoyable, attractive and worth-while scheme of progressive training and operate Patrol System in the troop, basing on the Scout Law and Promise and guided by adult leadership.


  1. Regular training of various skills
  2. Social and community service
  3. Competitions
  4. Wild Camping, mountaineering, hiking
  5. Pioneering, Backwood Cook, First-aid, flight simulation

Leaders in Scouts 2023-2024

Group Scout Leader

Mr K.H. Man

Scout Leader

Mr T.L. Pang

Assistant Scout Leader

Mr. Leung Lap Hin (alumni)

Other teacher-in-charge

Mr W.K. Lee

Senior Patrol Leader

4D Lui Pak Kiu

Patrol Leaders

4D Chan Yau Wai
3D Chan Yu Ham
4A Ng Chung Shing Andy
4B Chan Ka Yeung

Assistant Patrol Leader

3C Lee Tsz Yuen
4A Chung Chun Hong
3D Lam Pak Kiu
3D Zhong Shing Hin














佛教善德英文中學 Buddhist Sin Tak College
地址: 新界葵涌興盛路5號
Address: 5 Hing Shing Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., HK
電話(Tel): 24212580
傳真(Fax): 24940104
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