National Security Day

2023-04-15 (Saturday)
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To celebrate the National Security Day, the Chinese Orchestra and the Prefect Team represented our school in the events held at Hing Fong Road Playground.  Nine Chinese Orchestra members performed雪蓮花 with Jonathan Chan of Class of 2021 being the conductor. 
Chinese Orchestra members: 
Chan Kai Ching (1C)
Siu Wai Hang (1D)
Zhao Zi Yi (3A)
Hui Lok Ching (3D)
Chow Po Ying (4C)
Cai Wai Man (5A)
He Ming Chun (5B)
Lai Chun Hei (5D)
Wong Ching Kiu (5D)
The Prefect Team representatives, Chan Lap Yam (4D), Chau Lo (4B), Hung Sing Yu (3B) and Lai Kin Hay (2B), designed booth games attracting members of the community while promoting the core values related to national security.  
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