Grand Opening of Shau Kee Hall of Nourishing Youth

2023-04-26 (Wednesday)
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Our school covered playground has undergone a complete renovation and is now named Shau Kee Hall of Nourishing Youth.  It has become a spacious and cozy place which provides a comfortable and safe space for our students to engage in physical activities and socialize with their peers. It will undoubtedly enhance our students' learning experience and promote their overall well-being.
On April 26th, 2023, our school held the Grand Opening of Shau Kee Hall of Nourishing Youth, which was made possible by the generous donation of the Lee Shau Kee Foundation. The guests of honour for the event were Dr Lee Ka Kit, the donor, and Ven. Hin Hung. They also gave an inspiring talk on "Teenagers nowadays are the future of China".
We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Lee Ka Kit and Lee Shau Kee Foundation for their contribution and commitment to education. Their generosity has made a significant impact on our school, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.
We would also like to thank all the guests who attended the Grand Opening for their support and for sharing this special moment with us.
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