2016-05-09English Improvised Drama 2016

On Saturday, April 16th, six students took the stage in the NET-Section Speak-Up Act OutImprovised Drama Competition. Besides entertaining the audience, their two English skits also showcased their hard work in the one-week preparation period and the training sessions in March and April. Their imaginative plots, convincing acting, and confident delivery were impressive. The students received two awards for their skit “The Titanic Is Sinking” – Best Use of Language (Team Award) and Speak Out! Star Award for the best use of language (Alex, Chan Hok Lam).(Click here for more pictures)

Congratulations to the following students:

2D Keith, Ho Chi Hin

3C Hayden, Yung Hoi Chun

3D Jim, Chan Wai Ching

3D Jayden, Yung Dak Chun

4A Alex, Chan Hok Lam

4B Kathy, MokKaHei

2016-04-26Folder Cover Design Competition 2016

Congratulation to 5D Kwok Tze Chun who had obtained merit in the folder cover design competition organised by Hong Kong Playground Association

2016-04-26Mask Design Competition 2016

Out of more than 2000 entries, 5D Kwok Tze Chun was awarded first runner up in the Mask Design Competition organised by the Society for AIDS Care . Twenty six brilliant students have won the merit prize. Congratulation ! [Click here for more masks]






2016-04-25Inter-School IT Elite Challenge 2016

Inter-School IT Elite Challenge 2016

Congratulations to

3A Lee Sze Chit

3D Kwok Yui Chit

3D Yip Pak Ming (Captain)

who were the first runners-up in the Inter-school IT Elite Challenge 2016 organised by The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education.

Out of the 110 participating teams from junior secondary section in the first round, my team was one of the top 20 teams.

The topics in the semi-final were:

  1.        Cabling, Router Setting  Networking Knowledge
  2.        Internet of Things
  3.        Map in Learning
  4.        360 Video Shooting
  5.        Coding

Then, our team made it to the final round as one of the top 3 teams.

The topics in the final round were:

  1.        Hardware Knowledge
  2.        Internet and Mobile Communication
  3.        Programming

The semi-final round and final round were conducted in Cyberport on Saturday 23 April. Our team strove for the best in every event and achieved 340 scores in the end.

Mr. Nicholas Yang Wei-Hsiung,Secretary for Innovation and Technology was the officiating guest of the ceremony. The trophy for our team was presented by Mr. Herman Lam, CEO of the Cyberport.

[Click here for more photos]

2016-04-18Oxfam Musical Marathon 2016

7 students in Voluntary Service Team participated in Oxfam Musical Marathon 2016 at Citywalk 2 on 17th April. The activity gathered musicians of all ages to perform in public and helped to raise funds to help people around the world get out of poverty. Our school students sang a A capella song and had a great time in the performance. Thank you so much for our teacher's guidance and your donation. (老師指導:黃力臻; 表演學生:黃天燁, 姚光俊, 莊展源, 廖心怡, 林紫恩, 何文俊, 冼雯意)


本校首次與香港青少年服務處合作舉辦「山毅達人」訓練課程,為7位同學進行12次理論及溝通訓練、4次登山訓練及1次戶外露營活動;7位同學經理論學習、登山實踐及考核後,全部成功考獲中國香港攀總所簽發「一級山藝訓練」證書。同學在登山過程需要迸發堅忍意志、發揮團隊精神、克服重重困難,方可完成目標。他們的成功,實在值得嘉許及肯定。祝願是次訓練課程的各位同學,在人生中緊記「山毅精神」,勇敢跨越所有阻障,在人生旅途上發光。(山毅達人影片) (按此查看更多相片)

2016-04-01Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Programme 青年地質保育大使

Since last summer, three S5 Geography students had participated the 4th Young Ambassadors for Geo conservation Training Program <新創建 - 青年地質保育大使>. Out of more than 600 school teams, our students entered into the 2nd round of 80 schools. For a numbers of classroom training and fieldtrips, learning about geoconservation theory, geo-tourism and geo-tour leading technique, the youth ambassadors put knowledge into practice by participating in guided public tours at various geo-spots in HK, and promote geoconservation in our school. Six schools with the best performance got a chance to visit the Nation Geo park in S.Korea. And 3 students of us had went Jeju Island for the final round of the competition. They are: 5C Au Hiu Yan, 5D Chan Cheuk Yin & 5E Wong Sin Nga They went for a field study in Jeju Island, Korea. They had visits some tremendous geological landscape, like the world's longest lava tube. With the support from Korean volcanologist, chairpersons of Association for Geoconservation (HK), they got a better understanding towards the geological landform features, and also the management of the Korea International Geopark.

2016-04-012016 Parents' Day S1-S5
2016 Parents' Day S1-S5
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