2014-11-14Dean of Engineering Scholarships from HKUST

Our two graduates Chan Chun Tat 陳俊達 and Ng Hok Chun 吳學臻 received the 2014 Dean of Engineering Scholarships from the HKUST. This marks their great achievement in the HKDSE, which has given them much incentive to excel in their study in the HKUST. They told us that the HKUST emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience from which they have gained much. The University provides various opportunities for them to pave way for their career and dreams. 

Chan Chun Tat and Ng Hok Chun share their happiness with Vice-Principal, Mr. Leung Wing Kai and their two favourite teachers, Miss IpWai Yan and Miss Lee Ching Mei at the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony.

2014-11-07Inter-School Swimming Competition 2014-15 organized by HKSSF ( Kwai Ching District)


Girls A Grade : Fourth

Boys A Grade 4x50m Medley Relay  石鎧竣 2C  鄭世民 5E  陳永熙6F 吳樹汶5C  2:27.88   Fifth Runner-up

Girls A Grade 4x50m Free Style Relay  3:00.28   Seventh Runner-up

Girls A Grade 4x50m Medley Relay  3:02.29   Fourth Runner-up

Boys C Grade 4x50m Free Style Relay  2:43.45  Fifth Runner-up


Boys A Grade

100m Freestyle 石鎧竣 2C 1:07.53   Fourth Runner-up

200m Individual Medley鄭世民 5E 3:33.81   Second Runner-up


Girls A Grade

100m Freestyle 譚雙言 2A   1:29.04   Sixth Runner-up

100m Backstroke譚疊言  2C   1:44.01   Sixth Runner-up

50m Freestyle 曹樂晞  3C  34.91   Fifth Runner-up

50m Backstroke譚疊言   2C 45.04   Third Runner-up

50m Backstroke曹樂晞  3C  46.07   Fourth Runner-up

200m Freestyle 古嘉文  3D  2:48.35    First Runner-up

200m Freestyle 張豔  1A  3:00.72   Second Runner-up

200m Individual Medley張豔  1A  3:21.36    Third Runner-up

200m Breaststroke蘇葆瑤  2A  4:00.98    Seventh Runner-up


Boys C Grade

50m Freestyle 李鈞浩  1B  31.53  Second Runner-up

50m Breaststroke 陳梓軒  1A 40.07  Second Runner-up

200m Individual Medley李鈞浩  1B  3:06.90  Fifth Runner-up


2014-10-28The Alumni Mentorship Program for S.6 Students 2014

To help our S.6 students prepare for the HKDSE exams and career orientation, our alumni initiated the Alumni Mentorship Program for our S.6 schoolmates. On 26 October(Sun), an ice breaking gathering was held in the school hall for the mentors and mentees to know each other.


We would like to thank our alumni:

何婉靜,黎樺霓,黃 晴,梁駿翊,樓惠敏,魏玉琪,林可澄,鄭蕙儀,陳敏儀,鍾蕙娟

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2014-10-10Exhibition - Yunnan

Our alumni went on a backpack tour in Yunnan during their summer holiday. They enjoyed themselves so much, and would like to share the exciting adventure with all the teachers and students of Sin Tak. Along with the Geography Club, the girls held an exhibition with pictures, itinerary, and handicrafts of Yunnan. Our students showed great interest in learning how to plan a self-directed trip by themselves. 

We would like to thank our alumni (2013):


2014-07-22Singapore YEE Programme 2014

This year, because of our outstanding performance in the GYA camp last year, Carmen and I (Harvey) were glad to be chosen as two of the three GYAs who could join the Singapore YEE programme which last for 5 days. The second great news for us is the fee for the YEE programme and accommodation in Singapore will be sponsored by the supporting partners, Ci Yuan CC Youth Club of Singapore, and our cost for the air tickets is also sponsored by our Principal Mr Ho. I really want to say thank you so much to everyone, as this was my first to travel to another country by plane. By the way, we have really learnt many things and made many new friends in the programme.In the programme, 99% of the participants are university students (most of them are Singaporean). We three, the HK representatives, were the youngest participants in the programme and there were four female teachers from Brunei. Although we were the the youngest, we also shared the situations of environmental protection in HK with them. During the programme, the most important things I learnt was system thinking. We need to think more and form a big and whole picture in our mind and also try to think of possible consequences and means to avoid them. I found that was really true when the three graghs of GDP, cancer rate and air quality appears on the same screen, showing that when the GDP is rising, the air quality is decreasing and the cancer rate is also increasing. I found that we must try to consider a topic boardly as there are many relationships joining them. On the other hand, while travelling around, I discovered that the urban greening (planting trees in urban areas and near roads) in Singapore was really excellent so the environment was extremely green and comfortable. Also, we could hardly find a rubbish bin on streets so I guessed that the recycling awareness is quite high in Singapore. Last but not least, we hope that next year, our green members can do better than us. Thank You!

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2014-11-17 To 12-05Assignment Inspection
2014-11-17 To 12-05Assignment Inspection
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Team Boys A Grade : Second余信衡 5B 黃嘉軒 5A 劉浚 5A 鍾因翹 5B
Team Girls A Grade : Fourth
Boys A Grade 100m Freestyle Fourth Runner-up石鎧竣 2C 1:07.53
Boys A Grade 200m Individual Medley Second Runner-up鄭世民 5E 3:33.81
冠軍4A 黎晉達4D 張鍶婷4A 何家慧
優異獎1B 吳金灝2D 徐諾恒3D 藍子軒
女子丙組團體 優異獎1A 方心怡1A 蘇葆瑤1A 譚雙言
4X50米混合四式接力(女子甲組)第六名2D 古嘉文5C 吳珮軒5F 鄭莉莉
4X50米混合四式接力(女子丙組)第五名1A 方心怡1A 譚雙言1C 譚疊言
冠軍2B 何澤麟
亞軍2B 何芷珊2A 歐陽兆章
季軍2A 廖心怡
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