2015-04-22S4 Geography Fieldtrip (2014-2015)

On 22nd to 24th of April 2015, 23 S4 students went for a geography field camp in Cheung Chau. They had field work in both river and coastal environment. Through the on-site investigation, data collection & analysis, discussion and presentation, they got a better understanding towards the natural processes of landform features, and were able to evaluate the effectiveness of river and coastal management.

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2015-04-212015 Oxfam Musical Marathon

7 students in Voluntary Service Team participated in Oxfam Musical Marathon 2015 held at Citywalk on 19th April. The activity gathered musicians of all ages to perform in public and helped to raise funds to help people around the world get out of poverty. Our school students sang a A capella song and had a great time in the performance.

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2015-03-262014-2015 家長教師會旅行日


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2015-02-13Secondary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work (2014/15)

S5 and S6 students participated in an exhibition called Secondary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work (2014/15). Out of thousands of entries, six brilliant pieces of artwork were selected to be displayed in the gallery. Congratulations to the following students: 

Merit :  Hui Ying Ying S6B     Lam Hau Yung S6D     Chan Chak Fung S6D
  Lee Shu Yu S6E Fung Pui Yue S6E  


Hui Ying Ying S6B  Hui Ying Ying S6B   
Chan Chak Fung S6D  
Lee Shu Yu S6E Fung Pui Yue S6E


2015-02-12My Australian Christmas Card Competition 2014

Chui Lok Yi 3B and Ng Ka Wai 3C had obtained merit award in "My Australian Christmas Card Competition" organized by Australian Consulate - General Hong Kong.

Chui Lok Yi 3B Ng Ka Wai 3C


2015-02-11Star river national children contest

Congratulation to the following students who have won awards in the "Star river national children's fine arts, calligraphy contest" organized by China Youth and Children research association.

Champion  : Wong Sze Na S5D
    Chan Nga Yat S5C
First runner up : Li Wing Tung S5C
Second runner up : Chan Chi Yan S5D
Merit : Chow Pak Tak S5C 
    Yu Yeun Lok S5E


Wong Sze Na S5D Chan Nga Yat S5C
Li Wing Tung S5C Chan Chi Yan S5D
Chow Pak Tak S5C Yu Yeun Lok S5E



本校中六級方鈺倫同學以Investigation of the Erdös-Straus Conjecture「埃及分數:歐德斯猜想」為研究題目,榮獲恆隆數學專題研究比賽2014年金獎,獲頒獎學金港幣廿五萬元。方同學在本校數學科程國基老師接近一年半的指導下,在15隊獲選進入決賽的參賽隊伍中脫穎而出,榮獲金獎冠軍,可喜可賀。同學在口頭答辯環節上展示了他的研究成果。評審委員會包括世界著名數學家丘成桐教授在內均一致讚賞同學獨具創意。評審更指同學的研究水平足以入讀哈佛大學。



過去本校亦曾多次在程國基老師指導下參加此項比賽,並曾在2006年和2010年獲優異獎和銅獎佳績,獲獎名單如下:2010優勝者銅獎張澤賢, 徐彥韜。2006優勝者優異獎劉華業蘇瀚堯




Fong Yuk Lun of 6B won the Gold prize of Hang Lung Mathematics Award

Fong Yuk Lun of 6B has been awarded the Gold prize of the Hang Lung Mathematics Award this year. He will be awarded a scholarship worth $250,000. His research topic is “Investigation into the Erdös-Straus Conjecture”. Under the guidance of Mr. KK Chang, one of our mathematics teachers, for almost one and a half years, Fong, selected for oral defense with 14 other teams, won the first prize. We congratulate Fong and Mr. Chang on their victory.  The Scientific Committee, comprised of academics and professionals including chairman Professor Shing Tung Yau, commended Fong on his creativity, the outstanding research results in the competition and the oral defense, adding Fong would be eligible for a place in the renowned Harvard University.

The Hang Lung Mathematics Awards is a biennial mathematics research competition for secondary school students in Hong Kong. Founded in 2004 by Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, the Chairman of Hang Lung Properties, and Professor Shing-Tung Yau, a world renowned mathematician and a Fields Medalist, the objective of the Awards is to encourage secondary students and teachers to realize their full creative potential in mathematics and science by stimulating their passion for intellectual discovery. Schools are invited to form teams of up to five students, under the supervision of a teacher. Each team designs and carries out a mathematics research project, then submits a project report which summarizes the methodology, research, and results. The Scientific Committee evaluates the reports in a rigorous, multi-step review process that is similar to publishing an article in a scientific journal and determines teams to participate in the oral defense. The oral defense is modeled after the doctoral degree defense process of a brief public presentation followed by a closed-door inquiry. After the conclusion of the oral defense, the winners of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards are decided and announced.

Hang Lung Properties and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Department of Mathematics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are the co-organizers of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards. At each competition, HK$1 million is given out in monetary prizes in addition to tuition scholarships of HK$462 thousands worth. There are eight Hang Lung Mathematics Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze and up to five Honorable Mentions. Each award has four components: a Student Education Grant, a Teacher Leadership Award, a School Development Grant, and a Tuition Scholarship for a Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Our students were winners of other prizes of The Hang Lung Mathematics Awards. In 2006, Lau Wah Yip and So Hon Yiu were awarded the Honorable Mention; in 2010 Cheung Chak Yin and  Tsui Yin To were awarded theBronze prize.

The prize presentation this year was officiated by Professor Shing-Tung Yau, a world renowned mathematician and a Fields Medalist. Other  officiating guests included The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, the Chairman of Hang Lung Properties and other renowned mathematicians from universities all over the world.

We are happy to express our warmest congratulations to Fong Yuk Lun and Mr. KK Chang. We would like to thank Mr. Chang for his invaluable advice, dedication and unfailing support over the years.  We are committed to continuing this fantastic tradition ofnurturing budding prodigies so as to broaden their horizons,maximize their potentials and provide them with opportunities to reach new heights in their academic pursuits.



From left: Mr. WK Leung, (Vice-Principal), Mr. KK Chang (Teacher Advisor), Fong Yuk Lun (6B) and Professor Shing-Tung Yau.


The group photo of officiating guests and the prize winners and other guests. The middle of the last row is Fong Yuk Lun, Mr. Chang and Mr. Leung. The officiating guests in the first row include The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Professor Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, Professor Shing-Tung Yau and Mr. Ronnie C. Chan.




2014-12-09The Education Bureau Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun Hung visited our school on Dec 9th





Under-secretary for the Education Bureau Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun Hung visited our school on Dec 9th to observe a liberal studies lesson of 4A, taught by our Principal Mr. Ho and Ms Wu.  Mr. Yeung was accompanied by Mr. Sze, Political Assistant to Secretary for Education, and Mr. Cheng, Senior School Development Officer of the EDB Kwai Tsing Regional Education Office. Mr. Shum and Mr. Lau, principals of another two secondary schools under the Hong Kong Buddhist Association also joined the lesson observation. After the lesson observation, Mr. Yeung conducted an informal exchange with teacher representatives and student representatives.  Mr. Yeung also discussed the liberal studies lesson with Mr. Ho and Ms Wu, giving credit to the effectiveness of the lesson and commending the students for their outstanding performance, especially their lively presentation. Below is a message that Mr. Yeung sent to our Principal Mr. Ho immediately following his visit, showing his appreciation of the lesson he observed and the arrangement of the visit.



Dear Principal Ho,

It was indeed a very insightful visit this morning.  I enjoyed the lesson very much and I was also impressed by the various presentations by your students.  Their excellent performance was a good indicator of both the quality and quantity of the efforts that your team has put in.  The brief chat with your teachers and students has also provided me with some food for thought regarding the future of our education system.  Thank you again for the excellent arrangements.





2014-11-18Our 2014 Graduate Ms Yeung Ho Ching

  本校2014年中六畢業生楊可程同學剛獲香港中文大學善衡書院頒贈專為佛教善德英文中學畢業生而設的第一屆佛教善德英文中學中文大學善衡書院專設獎學金港幣弍拾萬元,同學2014年文憑試考獲3科5**, 1科5*和2科5級的佳績,現正在修讀中大工商管理學院的專業會計學系。11月12日善衡書院舉行頒獎禮當晚,何滿添校長亦獲何子樑醫生邀請出席此盛會,並合照留念。

Our 2014 Graduate Ms Yeung Ho Ching was presented with the first Sin Tak and SH Ho College Scholarship, totaling $ 200,000, on November 12th.  Having scored 5** in three subjects, 5* in one subject and level 5 in another two in the 2014 HKDSE, Ms Yeung is now studying Professional Accounting in the SH Ho College of the CUHK. Also in attendance at the prize presentation ceremony was Principal Ho Moon Tim, who was invited by Dr. Tzu Leung Ho, to mark this memorable event.




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