2015-07-162015 HKDSE Performance

Name of the student


Tse Choi Ling, Tiffany

3 x 5** + 2x 5* + 2x 5

Leung Kin Chung

2 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 1 x 5

Wong Tsz Wai

2 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 1 x 5

Yip Cheuk Hei

3 x 5** + 2 x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Wong On Yi

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 3 x 5

Chow Shi Chun

2 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 2 x 5

Kong Tsz Shan

2 x 5** + 2 x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Ng Tsz Wai

1 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 2 x 4


Total no. of subject score with level 4 or above                       =     676 (64.1%)

Total no. of subject score with level 3 or above                        =    947 (89.8%)

Total no. of subject score with level 2 or above                         =  1038(98.5%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in English Language         =   116 (66.3%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Chinese Language         =  100 (57.1%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Mathematics                  =  128 (73.1%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Liberal Studies                = 123 (70.3%)

No. of students fulfilled the minimum university admission requirements 33222 = 145 (82.9%)


2015-07-10Allianz "Football Passion with no frontier" Design Competition

Congratulation to the following students who have won awards in the Allianz "Football Passion with no Frontier" Design Competition


Best Design:

 Lam Shu Yan   2B

Wong Man Sze 2B

Facebook 最受歡迎獎 Most Popular Award:

Lam Tsz Yan 3C

 Ng Ka Wai 3C

2015-07-10"Ocean protection starts with us" Web Banner Design Competition

3D Cheng Ching Yin had obtained merit award  in "Ocean Protection Starts with us " Web Banner Design Competition 2015 organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Congratulation!


2015-06-22Buddhist Card Design Competition

Pun Hoi Yi 3C had obtained champion award and 2B Lam Shu Yan had won first runner - up award in " Buddhist Card Design Competition " organized by The Hong Kong Buddhist Association. Congratulations!


                          Pun Hoi Yi 3c                                                                        Lam Shu Yan 2B

2015-06-22CYC Poster Design Competition

3D Cheng Ching Yin and 4B Wong Yu Chun had obtained merit award in "CYC Poster Design Competition " organized by CYC. Congratulations!


            WONG YU CHUN  4B                         CHENG CHING YIN 3D



2015-06-15Mask Design Competition

Out of thousands of entries, 24 students had won awards in "Mask Design Competition " organized by The Society for AIDS Care.  Congratulations!

[Click here for our mask designs]

2A        Ho Suet Yi 何雪怡  
2A Lam Fung Chi 林鳳芝
2A Tam Sheung Yin 譚雙言
2B Lam Shu Yan 林紓昕
2B Wong Man Sze 黃敏詩
2D Chan Wun Lam 陳煥琳
2D Yung Dak Chun 容德雋
3B Kee Pui Han 祁珮嫻
3B Ng Wai Yi 吳瑋怡
3B Wu Pui Shan 胡珮珊
3C Lam Tsz Yan 林紫恩
3C Ng Ka Wai 吳嘉慧
3D Tsai Ching Man 蔡靖雯
4B Lai Shan Shan 黎珊珊
4B Lam Wai Ching 林維清
4B Lee Tsz Yan 李芷欣
4C Kwok Mang Ching 郭孟情
4D Kwok Tsz Chun Kevin 郭梓雋
4E Leung Tsz Ho 梁子豪
4E Pang Yik Ming 彭翊鳴
4E Yeung Yuen Ying 楊沅盈
4E Wong Lok Ching 黃樂晴
3B Ng Oi Kiu 吳皚翹
5A Wong Yuen Jing 王婉晶

 Facebook 最受歡迎獎 Most Popular Award

                        3D Ng Oi Kiu

2015-04-212015 Oxfam Musical Marathon

7 students in Voluntary Service Team participated in Oxfam Musical Marathon 2015 held at Citywalk on 19th April. The activity gathered musicians of all ages to perform in public and helped to raise funds to help people around the world get out of poverty. Our school students sang a A capella song and had a great time in the performance.

[Click here for more photos]

2015-03-262014-2015 家長教師會旅行日


[Click here for more photos]

2015-02-13Secondary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work (2014/15)

S5 and S6 students participated in an exhibition called Secondary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work (2014/15). Out of thousands of entries, six brilliant pieces of artwork were selected to be displayed in the gallery. Congratulations to the following students: 

Merit :  Hui Ying Ying S6B     Lam Hau Yung S6D     Chan Chak Fung S6D
  Lee Shu Yu S6E Fung Pui Yue S6E  


Hui Ying Ying S6B  Hui Ying Ying S6B   
Chan Chak Fung S6D  
Lee Shu Yu S6E Fung Pui Yue S6E


2015-02-12My Australian Christmas Card Competition 2014

Chui Lok Yi 3B and Ng Ka Wai 3C had obtained merit award in "My Australian Christmas Card Competition" organized by Australian Consulate - General Hong Kong.

Chui Lok Yi 3B Ng Ka Wai 3C


2015-02-11Star river national children contest

Congratulation to the following students who have won awards in the "Star river national children's fine arts, calligraphy contest" organized by China Youth and Children research association.

Champion  : Wong Sze Na S5D
    Chan Nga Yat S5C
First runner up : Li Wing Tung S5C
Second runner up : Chan Chi Yan S5D
Merit : Chow Pak Tak S5C 
    Yu Yeun Lok S5E


Wong Sze Na S5D Chan Nga Yat S5C
Li Wing Tung S5C Chan Chi Yan S5D
Chow Pak Tak S5C Yu Yeun Lok S5E


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2015 Aug
2015-07-13 To 08-31Summer Vacation
Team Boys A Grade : Second余信衡 5B 黃嘉軒 5A 劉浚 5A 鍾因翹 5B
Team Girls A Grade : Fourth
Boys A Grade 100m Freestyle Fourth Runner-up石鎧竣 2C 1:07.53
Boys A Grade 200m Individual Medley Second Runner-up鄭世民 5E 3:33.81
冠軍4A 黎晉達4D 張鍶婷4A 何家慧
優異獎1B 吳金灝2D 徐諾恒3D 藍子軒
女子丙組團體 優異獎1A 方心怡1A 蘇葆瑤1A 譚雙言
4X50米混合四式接力(女子甲組)第六名2D 古嘉文5C 吳珮軒5F 鄭莉莉
4X50米混合四式接力(女子丙組)第五名1A 方心怡1A 譚雙言1C 譚疊言
冠軍2B 何澤麟
亞軍2B 何芷珊2A 歐陽兆章
季軍2A 廖心怡
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