2016-11-08"Microfilm - Go for dream" competition

Congratulations to Ma Yiu Ming, Lam Kwan Hon Ryan and Chan Ngok Kwan who won a merit award in "Microfilm - Go for dream" competition organised by The federation of youth groups and Home Affairs Bureau. Their video which about pursuing dream to help the needy can be viewed from




2016-11-03Dean of Engineering Scholarship 2016, HKUST

Wong Tsun Hang, Luo Deren and Chung Yan Kiu from our school were awarded with the Dean of Engineering Scholarship 2016, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on 2nd November, 2016. This scholarship is bestowed to newly admitted students of the Engineering Faculty at the HKUST who obtained excellent results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. (Click here for  more pictures)

2016-11-03Dialogue Session with Dr XU Ying, the scientist responsible for developing BeiDou Navigation Satellite on 23/9/2016

7 students from S5A participated in the InnoTech Expo 2016 and Dialogue Session with Dr XU Ying, the scientist responsible for developing BeiDou Navigation Satellite on 23 Sept 2016. This activity was organized by Our Hong Kong Foundation with Education Bureau as one of the supporting organizations. Dr XU is the youngest ever of researchers and advisors for doctoral programme at the Academy of Opto-electronics, Academy of Science and has been working on developing China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System for more than 10 years. Dr XU shared with senior secondary students her experiences in exploring BeiDou and success stories during the Dialogue Session.

Video of the Dialogue Session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpbZtrf-puw

(Click here for more pictures)

2016-10-13Leadership Training Workshop on 8/10/2016

38 leaders from different student organizations, including Students’ Union, Houses and Clubs joined a Leadership Training Workshop on 8 Oct 2016 (sat). Several group activities and tasks were used as the vehicles to convey key concepts of leadership to participants and skills relating to goal achievement, accurate communication, proper prioritizing, etc. were introduced in the workshop.(click here for more photos)

2016-10-13Election of Students’ Union 2016-2017

The Students' Union was set up in 1996. Since then, students are eligible to form their own cabinets and are elected by their schoolmates every year. It is a place where problems or questions arising from either students or teachers can be presented for discussion or consideration. There are TWO cabinets (No.1 MOMENTUM and No.2 FANATIC) standing for the election this year and various types of promotion activities have been held for schoolmates. Congratulations to FANATIC, which was voted as the Students’ Union in the academic year 2016-17.(click here for more pictures)

2016-10-03National children's fine arts, calligraphy and photography contest

Congratulations to the following students who have won awards in the "National children's fine arts, calligraphy and photography contest" organized by an institute called "北方畫院" (More pictures)

Champion 6D Kwok Tze Chun
First runner up 6E Wong Lok Ching
  6A Chiu Yuen Yan
  5E Yeung Hoi Ching
  5A Cheng Ching Yin
Second runner up 6B Lai Shan Shan
  6A Chan Ho Wan
  6E Ng Kam Yu
  5E Kei Pui Han
  6E Yeung Yuen Ying
  5D Wu Pui Shan
  6C Yu Yuen Lok




2016-09-07幸福走多步 - 社會專題研究比賽

由荃葵青優秀學生會舉辦的幸福走多步 - 社會專題研究比賽,本校學生5A黎梓瑩、姚淑盈、周瑩和林琿素同學奪得冠軍,他們透過是次比賽探究社會企業在香港的發展空間和困難;另外5A 陳曉筠、馮靄汶、方淑華、謝嘉敏、蔡靖雯亦能晉身是次比賽決賽。

2016-08-09Inter-school Mobile Application Development Contest (IMADC) 2016

Congratulations to 3D Yip Pak Ming, 3D Kwok Yui Chit and 3D Chau Chun Kwong who were the second runners-up in the Concept stream of the junior secondary group of the IMADC 2016 organised by Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society and Hong Kong Computer Society.
School life is the theme for the competition in 2016.
After the booth presentation of our created application MindMap on 6th August 2016 at Cyberport the arcade, the award was finalised by the organizer.

[click here for more photos]

2016-07-132016 HKDSE Performance

Name of the student


Wong Wa Kin

3 x 5** + 4x 5*

Lam Cheuk Kiu

3x 5** + 2 x 5* + 2 x 5

Yeung Pui Man

2 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 1 x 5

Wong Kang Shing

1 x 5** + 4 x 5*+ 2 x 5

Lee Tsz Ching

2 x 5** + 2x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Chow Man Yee

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 2x5 + 1 x 4

Chung Yan Kiu

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 3 x 5

Ip Ting Fung

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Yu Hiu Lam

1 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 1 x 4

Wong Ka Hin

3x 5** + 3 x 4

Leung Hok Ching

1 x 5** + 2x 5* + 2 x 5 + 1 x 4

Chow Ying Tung

4x 5* + 2 x 5

Poon Pui Shan

4 x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Fung On Sang

3x 5* + 3 x 5

Total no. of subject score with level 4 or above                    =    648 (62.7%)

Total no. of subject score with level 3 or above                    =    941 (91.1%)

Total no. of subject score with level 2 or above                    =    1025(99.2%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in English Language    =     98 (57.3%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Chinese Language   =     104 (60.8%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Mathematics           =     120 (70.2%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Liberal Studies        =      101 (59.1%)

No. of students fulfilled the minimum university admission requirements 33222 = 146(85.4%)

2016-07-11Computer App Programming (CAP) 2016 Competition

Congratulation to 3B Tang Pok Lam who was the second runner-up of the Apps project in the junior secondary division in CAP 2016 competition organised by Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Computer Education Association.
Google Hong Kong was the sponsor organisation in the event.
The created App named "Chem Atom" was the submitted workpiece in the inter-school competition.
Dr. Chung, Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Technology in the photo was the officiating guest of the ceremony.


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